The High Security Connection Portal - Circlelock Combi


A Half Security Portal for Existing Doors

Adaptable and accommodating is the Circlelock Combi, a half security portal integrated with access control technology and biometric reading capabilities. The Circlelock Combi acts as an interlocking solution for swinging doors that currently lack desired authentication recognition without having to consider building reconstruction and associated costs.


A Half Portal with Security & Safety Capabilities

The Circlelock Combi is a space-saving half security portal for those who require high security functionality but may lack the space and time to consider building reconstruction. The Combi can be attached to an existing swing door and partition walls to maintain fire / smoke / airtight-rated protection on either a secure or non-secure side of the building.  Designed to slot over an existing door the Circlelock Combi offers a practical yet realistic high security option.

Suggested Segments:

  • Data centres
  • Financial
  • Insurance
  • Medical / pharmaceutical
  • Government / military
  • Airports
  • Prisons
  • Museums
  • Archives
  • Casinos

High Security Solutions for all Building Types

A half portal installation is unobtrusive, cost-effective and implemented in a timely manner.   The half security portal fits over an existing set of swing doors, a user upon authorisation will enter through the first door, closing behind them.  The Circlelock Combi as standard comes with built in sensor, scanning and weight capturing technology which works whilst the user is inside the portal.  When confirming the user of the portal is alone, the second door will open.

Level Up on Security Features

The Circlelock Combi comes with an array of possible security packages ranging from tailgating detection up to piggybacking detection. For those looking for the ultimate fortress, the most sophisticated available option is an overhead sensor system – called StereoVision that accurately detects and prevents piggybacking, or two users attempting to enter the portal on one authorised credential. Organisations looking to increase the security level of the Combi can also consider the following features:

  1. Contact mats: the Circlelock Combi comes standard with a full zone contact mat which prevents tailgating in the same direction as well as in the opposite direction (see diagram below).
  2. Weight system: extra prevention against basic piggybacking can be provided by means of an accurate weight system which is embedded into the floor of the security portal.
  3. One-way StereoVision: optional one-way StereoVision is available as a ‘Level Up’ to provide additional advanced piggybacking prevention when users enter the secure area.
  4. Internal biometric post: allows for mounting of an internal biometric device (by others) for two- or multi-factor authentication capabilities. This ensures that the person who presents credentials outside the portal is the same person who is inside.

Burglary Protection

Keep burglars out and upgrade your revolving door with our burglar protection package. Our RC3 burglar protection shield doors are now updated with a highly durable drive unit with an automated locking system.


  • Save time with automated shield doors compared to manual nightlocking doors.
  • Switch instantly between different operating modes, either day, night or secured.
  • Save extra energy during off-peak times with the automated winter position.

For more information or to learn more about the benefits of this ‘Level Up’ option, download the burglar protection package brochure from the download tab or have a look at our other available protection packages.

Mode of Operation

Normal operation:



The Circlelock Combi complies with the following European standards:

  • Machine Directive 2006/42/EC
  • EMC Directive 2014/30/EC
  • EN1627 – Burglar resistant package
  • EN1063 / EN1522 – Bullet resistant package
  • EN356 – Glass specification

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