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The Easy-Flow Security Revolving Door

The Tourlock 180 security revolving door is the ideal solution when you need to solve the combination of high security and high traffic flow. The door easily integrates with an access control system, and due to its four-winged design and working principle, prevents unauthorised entry into facilities, therefore protecting people and assets. The Tourlock 180 is so reliable at preventing tailgating and piggybacking that it does not even require guard supervision - creating a return on investment in a short one to two years. 


The Tourlock 180 is an automatic, four-winged high security revolving door. This technologically advanced door allows bi-directional traffic, which allows authorised users to enter and leave a building at the same time. Authorisation via a signal from an access solution control system, such as a card reader or biometrics device, sends a signal and on acceptance only – the door will begin to rotate. Tailgating and piggybacking are accurately detected and, depending on your level of required security; additional levels can be added to decrease these risks even further.

A High Security Revolving Door which Prevents Piggybacking and Tailgating

The Tourlock 180 comes with an array of possible security packages ranging from tailgating detection up to piggybacking detection. For those looking for the highest level of security, the most sophisticated available option is an overhead sensor system – called StereoVision. This incorporates advanced technology that accurately detects and prevents piggybacking, or two users attempting to enter the security door on one authorised credential. Organisations looking for a more basic level of security in their security revolving door, can also consider the following features:

  • Contact mats / sensor system: the Tourlock 180 will stop when an unauthorised attempt is made to enter the building using the segment directly behind or oppose an authorised user (detects tailgating). For floor mounted applications, we offer an overhead detection system (sensor system).
  • Weight system: scales can be integrated into the floor of the Tourlock 180, which compare the weight of the user and his luggage to a pre-set weight. If the weight inside the door exceeds the pre-set weight, the Tourlock 180 will assume the user is not alone and deny access. Less accurate than StereoVision, a weight system still offers a high level of anti-tailgating detection (detects both tailgating and piggybacking).
  • StereoVision: this technology is integrated into the ceiling of the Tourlock 180. Its smart sensor, based on Time Of Flight technology, creates accurate 3D images of the person in the door and can determine whether they are alone or not (detects both tailgating and piggybacking).  

Copes With Busy Areas

With the global population on the rise and the trend for skyscrapers growing – it is important to have a security revolving door which can cope with a high volume of people entering and exiting. The Tourlock 180 offers automated, simultaneous bi-directional traffic and can allow for up to 20 users to pass through the door (in each direction) per minute. The door comes delivered in a fail-safe mode with an option to be made fail-secure – this maintains the security in the event of a power failure or fire alarm activation. It also comes with an optional collapsible doorset to create a free passage, in case of emergency upon a signal from the building management system.  

Touchless Options For a New World 

The ability to integrate a large variety of secondary security technology into our Tourlock 180 is the ideal way in which to fine-tune by ‘Levelling Up’ entrance security when increased protection is required.

Biometric authorisation systems allow you to enter the door completely touchless. There is no need to reach out to your authorisation card or tag.

These smart camera systems capture the face of the user in front of the door. The Tourlock makes sure that only one person can enter - the right person.

More Information About Our High Security Revolving Door?

Please take a look at our range of revolving doorssecurity doors & portalsspeed gatestripod turnstiles, access gates and full height turnstiles to complete your entry.

Suggested Segments

  • Financial
  • Technology
  • Data centres
  • Petrochemical
  • Government / military
  • Class A Office Buildings
  • Airports 

You can level up in any of these categories:

  • SECURITY     

Level Up

If our standard specifications do not quite suit your needs, we open up opportunities for you to ‘Level Up’ where it counts most. You can also do this according to your most motivating value driver.

The specification table shows you our standard product options, and to the right of these, you can easily see, and consider, any compatible ‘Level Up’ options for fine-tuning the Tourlock 180. 

Service And Maintenance 

With hundreds or thousands of visitors passing through an entry every day, continued and reliable operation is vital. Regular service and maintenance can prevent unexpected hardware breakdowns. Boon Edam’s service and maintenance teams across the world are experienced in the effects the local conditions have on the wear and tear of your entry solutions and can offer specialised service and maintenance contracts that correspond to those conditions perfectly.


Boon Edam security entrances are trusted solutions that allow organisations to meet compliance regulations related to restricting access to areas within a building. We take compliance and safety very seriously and ensure that our products are manufactured, installed and maintained to keep up the strict criteria required in all our countries. We are always improving and always committed to making sure our products are compliant and certified. More information can be found on our website under ‘Our Responsibility’.

The Tourlock 180 complies with the following European Directives and Standards:

  • Machine Directive 2006/42/EC
  • EMC Directive 2014/30/EC
  • RoHS Directive (2011/65/EU)
  • EN1627 – Burglar resistant package
  • EN1063 / EN1522 – Bullet resistant package
  • EN356 – Glass specification

Service & Maintenance

Service and Maintenance

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