The AI Facial Recognition Turnstile - Lifeline Speedlane Vision


Changing work and public space environments have to stay ahead of the technology demands of the modern workforce. Improving employee safety, particularly at high traffic points in a location, is a matter of priority. 

The Lifeline Speedlane Vision speed gate guides large groups of people safely and in a frictionless manner onto the next point of their journeys using sophisticated, touchless and intuitive sensors and modern technology.  This addition to your existing access control and security infrastructure allows you the reduce staffing costs at key areas, without compromising of efficacy.

The Security Speed Gate with Integrated AI Facial Recognition

The Lifeline Speedlane Vision is the most intuitive speed gate in our range. Powered by state-of-the-art AI computer vision technology, the solution combines the best of sleek, aesthetic security and a secure, accurate, and seamless access control and management solution. The smooth, premium glass casing houses intuitive-coloured LED lights that effortlessly glide along the cabinet top, guiding users from entry through authorisation to the secured area. 

With the AnyVision facial recognition camera fully integrated into the speed gate, we are able to offer the most premium, aesthetic solution, with facial recognition technology, so subtly integrated - nobody would even know it was there. The Lifeline Speedlane Vision can be installed as a single or multi-lane set up and offers:

  • Intuitive approach detection 
  • Intelligent user guidance
  • Face detection and recognition on-the-move
  • Advanced AI capabilities
  • Contactless operation and flush-mounted camera integrated into the Lifeline Speedlane Vision speed gate's body
  • Camera with advanced lighting settings (tested by the most demanding users to ensure the highest accuracy in real-world conditions)
  • Accurate tailgating detection
  • Anti-spoof (with liveness verification)
  • Mobile enrolment via a third party vendor (register visitors quickly and easily via mobile app)
  • Smooth, swinging-motion glass barriers 
  • Slim, V-shaped, tapered cabinets with ergonomic design and small footprint

How do Speed Gate Turnstiles Work? - Lifeline Speedlane Vision


The Fastest and Most Accurate System in the Industry

AnyVision’s Liveness technology ensures that every detected face is a real person by identifying spatial inconsistency and using an array of sensors that create a 3D map to eliminate spoofing. This ensures that neither prints nor digital images can fool the system.

Any potential bottlenecks can be effectively managed by improving entry flow at these points. Users are identified 2 - 3 metres away from the speed gate via the high-resolution camera, meaning that by the time they reach the entry - they have already been analysed and authorised to enter instantly. The technology eliminates the need to touch any surface on entry and authorisation.

AnyVision’s neural nets are trained in the toughest conditions on low-quality images and have been tested by the most demanding users to ensure the highest accuracy in real-world conditions. An added advantage for user experience and speed is that there is no need to remove personal protective equipment, as the technology is proven to be accurate under these conditions.

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