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The newest edition to the Boon Edam premium range of swing barrier gates solves the issue of introducing security and safety into small and valuable areas of real estate spaces. The Speedlane Compact delivers all you fundamentally need in a security lane; while confidently delivering all that is required to make your visitors feel welcome and secure – every day.


Speedlane Compact: The Shortest ‘No-Nonsense’ Swing Barrier Speed Gate

The Speedlane Compact is a trendy and functional addition to increasing security levels in your valuable area. Its small footprint in no way compromises its ease of efficiency as part of the contribution towards moving people safely onto the next point of their journey - using the latest technology.

Swing barrier gates are gaining in popularity as busy work and public spaces have to remain safe and secure. The Speedlane Compact offers excellent support to guards and staff responsible for authorised entrances to secured areas.

Swing Barrier Gate Minimalistic Design and Aesthetics

The Speedlane Compact has been designed with simplicity and sophistication in mind. The minimalist lines of the cabinets fit into almost any area without drawing unnecessary attention to themselves.

Contoured cabinets, position and operation of directional LED lights guide even an untrained user through the passage with pleasant ease. However, as simple as the product is to use, the premium integrated technology still offers excellent tailgating detection and safety sensors as standard features.

Easy and Effective Swing Barrier Gate

The Speedlane Compact has one word which resonates so perfectly with it - ease.  Ease of integration with many access control systems and technology provides a lot of flexibility when considering adding it to your total security solution.

The swing barrier gate is easy to install, to maintain and the short delivery turnaround times are very attractive.

This swing barrier gate does what it needs to do with quiet confidence. There is no need for excess here. This is basic, done well.

More Information on the Speedlane Compact

The Speedlane Compact is a space-saving alternative to other conventional swing barrier gates and turnstiles and is suitable for a variety of building types and sizes.

Suggested Segments

  • Gyms and sports centres
  • Casinos
  • Retail (Stop ‘n Shop)
  • Premium corporate offices
  • Universities and education facilities

Working Principal



The goal of an organisation is to safeguard the valuable assets inside – both people and property. As is often the case, industries must comply with relevant local and global laws, policies and regulations, to achieve the important goal of overall safety and security. Failure to meet the appropriate measures and criteria set out in these regulations could result in catastrophic incidents and substantial fines.

Boon Edam security entrances are trusted solutions that allow organisations to meet compliance regulations related to restricting access to areas within a building. We take compliance and safety very seriously and ensure that our products are manufactured, installed and maintained to keep up the strict criteria required in all our countries. We are always improving and always committed to making sure our products are compliant and certified. More information can be found on ‘Our Responsibility’.

The Speedlane Compact complies with the following European standards:

  • Machinery Directive (2006/42/EC)
  • EMC Directive (2004/108/EC)
    • NEN-EN-IEC 61000-3-2
    • NEN-EN-IEC 61000-3-3
    • NEN-EN-IEC 61000-6-2
    • NEN-EN-IEC 61000-6-3

Part of the Bigger Picture

Boon Edam products form part of the overall security of a facility, especially when we are talking about the introduction of medium-level security in the form of swing barrier gates.

The Speedlane Compact provides the vehicle to integrate a huge array of modern and technologically advanced devices to mitigate risk.

We work closely with manufacturers of devices such as card readers, barcode scanners, keypads, video surveillance, etc., and have spent years building good relationships to help our customers get even more out of their Boon Edam entrance solutions.

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