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Slender, sleek and unique, the Lifeline Speedlane Open is an open optical turnstile with smart sensors that allow for tailgating detection which include alarm notifications. Fashioned without door wings for an advanced user-friendly and welcoming experience, the open-style facilitates faster thoroughfare and a compact footprint.

Lifeline Speedlane Open: The Unobtrusive Entry Solution

The world has changed, and it has changed quickly. The need to increase security in public places is no longer an option, but a responsibility. With this in mind, we have to question how to secure an area without creating the impression of exclusion. The Lifeline Speedlane Open is the answer to this welcome and secure solution. Barrier-free and streamlined, this optical turnstile delivers the best of both worlds.

This entrance solution also provides a stylish and secure way to keep track of who is in your building by integrating with a time management 'clock-in / clock-out' system.

Ergonomically Supporting Speed

The Lifeline Speedlane Open is a barrier-free optical turnstile with the most compact footprint available. The optical turnstile plays a huge role in facilitating the flow of visitors entering and leaving a space. This product provides a medium security solution for areas interested or in need of risk mitigation. A manned security guard is still a necessity and they are promptly alerted to any breach of security in the sensitive area, to which they can swiftly react.

Invisible Secure Operation Sequence

As the visitor approaches, the optical turnstile comes to life. A pulse of light travels along the unit drawing the eye up. A modern arrow symbol directs the user through, as a panel lights up within the smooth black curved glass top, inviting the user to present a valid ‘pass’; a ‘pass’ is presented, and upon authorisation, the visitor is easily guided through as the pulse of light travels across the lane. The cycle is completed, and the speed gate is ready for its next visitor. The system allows for reliable detection of unauthorised users at the same time. After a set idle period (without any user engagement), the Lifeline Speedlane Open will fall back to sleep to save energy.

‘Level Up’ your Optical Turnstiles

The ability to integrate a large variety of secondary security technology into our optical turnstiles is the ideal way in which to fine-tune by ‘Leveling Up’ their entrance security when increased protection is required.

Meeting your security goal easily and within your budget is the reason why we work together with you to ensure that by using these options, you end up with a product that outperforms the others safely, beautifully and profitably.

You can level up in any of these categories:

  • Throughput
  • Security
  • Safety
  • Aesthetics
  • Technology
  • Comforts

More Information on the Lifeline Speedlane Open

The Lifeline Speedlane Open is a space-saving alternative to other conventional optical turnstiles and is suitable for a variety of building types and sizes. 

Suggested Segments:

  • Corporate offices
  • Multi-storey tenant buildings
  • Medical and pharmaceutical facilities
  • Schools, universities and colleges
  • Sports facilities
  • Government and embassy buildings


The goal of an organisation is to safeguard the valuable assets inside – both people and property. As is often the case, industries must comply with relevant local and global laws, policies and regulations, to achieve the important goal of overall safety and security. Failure to meet the appropriate measures and criteria set out in these regulations could result in catastrophic incidents and substantial fines.

Boon Edam security entrances are trusted solutions that allow organisations to meet compliance regulations related to restricting access to areas within a building. We take compliance and safety very seriously and ensure that our products are manufactured, installed and maintained to keep up the strict criteria required in all our countries. We are always improving and always committed to making sure our products are compliant and certified. More information can be found on our website under ‘Our Responsibility’.

Working Principle

Technical Dimensions

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